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OneVoiceASNC is a social media presence.  It is not a legal entity.  It has been entirely funded privately to this point.  We have now created a structure to allow others to donate to this effort and in return become part of a private network related to this presence.  This is NOT a securities offering as donors will not receive any interest in the presence itself.

The donations will NOT be tax deductible.  All money will be collected through a secure payment system and will go to the personal account of Mike Keliher.  Mike decided against creating a limited liability presence such as a corporation.  Thus, he has personal liability for all representations made with respect to donations.  This was done to allow any donors to understand that a person, not a corporate shell is involved.  Also, to date, in excess of $2 million dollars in cash payments to third parties and the value of professional time by numerous individuals has been donated to get to this point.

The Value Analysis from Donor Perspective

The First Fifty-Seven Campaign began on August 8 and will end on October 3, 2014.  As with all things "new", the process will start slowly.   From now until October 3, there will be radical improvements to the site and related social media links.  This is being posted simply because it is time.

The First Fifty-Seven Campaign donor structure is simple crowd funding.  We are not using a crowd funding site because those sites in essence take a 5-10% cut to allow those seeking funds to drive their network to the third party site.  We have no need.

The levels and promises for each level are set forth more fully in the Value Analysis link above.

Every person who donates $25 or more before midnight US Central Time on October 3, 2014 will be entitled to a 100% refund of their purchase of the book Era of Content.  The book will be published on or before October 30, 2014.  It’s retail price will be $57. 

100,000 – need to contact Mike Keliher directly

10,000 – Donors at this level will also receive 10 hours of consultation on any topic from Mike Keliher (likely for many to be social media but it is donors choice).

5,000 - Donors at this level will also receive 5 hours of consultation

1,000 - Donors at this level will also receive 1 hours of consultation

250 – preferred level for those who have financial wherewithal

25 – hopefully a level most can be comfortable with

Key is building an interactive network.  This is an active use of your money.  By active it means you can influence the value of the payment directly.  Once you donate you become a lifetime member of the network.  The network is not simply focused on OneVoice.  Instead, it is a way to gather a community of people who are interested in helping charity and are already engaged in social media (and likely to bring additional knowledge into the network that will be shared).  It is also a community willing to read more than 140 character missives and thus a concentration of people who grasp the power of the Era of Content.

Whenever you are ready to help, click this link and thanks for being a leader.  You will observe the power of leverage . . .